in Starnberg

Join me for my weekly in-person classes every TUESDAY & THURSDAY! 

This style of yoga is a fun, dynamic, low-impact, and energizing yoga practice, putting full focus on building overall STRENGTH and STAMINA and developing MOBILITY, STABILITY & FLEXIBILITY.

The foundation of this style is the physiotherapeutic aspect, focusing on healthy, safe & gentle joint motion. 

This longevity vinyasa yoga makes us aware of what the body is doing correctly. It begins with precisely executed alignment and combines active, invigorating poses with smooth transitions using the power of your breath. 

Every class is 90 minutes and offers a different theme, where the focus is put on specific postures and muscle groups to open, lengthen, stretch & strengthen.

There is a wonderful balance of grounding poses, hip-opening poses, backbends, core strengthening & stabilization, twists, and forwards folds. It is one of the greatest ways to connect to your body and to feel your aliveness - FEELING IS UNDERSTANDING! 

This practice will help you achieve your health goals, go deeper with personal attention & training, and gain a deeper understanding of your body's muscles, tissues, and ligaments. 

I believe in Yoga’s ability to create change, instill power, and make people happy & feel alive. 


Here is the scoop on the 'WHERE, WHEN, WHAT & HOW'!



Meet me at ZERO PERCENT, Maximilian Strasse 13, Starnberg.    

There is parking on the streets but some days you may need to search. I recommend parking in a park house for ease and convenience.


Both Tuesday & Thursday classes begin at 9:30 am and go until 11:00 am.  It is a 90-minute yoga class and is taught in English.


I have mats, blocks, bolster & blankets, however; if you have your own special items I encourage you to bring them.  Otherwise, bring your beginner's mind and enthusiasm to continue exactly where you are in your body & mind.


ZERO PERCENT is now using the EVERSPORTS platform / app for you to reserve your spot, and to purchase classes which will give you more ease and will be way more convenient. The site is READY TO GO, so click the link below to save your spots for my May classes.  But also know you can join any class without using the app by just showing up and registering in person.


Click HERE to reserve your spot on EVERSPORTS

Interested in joining me for my ONLINE ZOOM classes? 

If you have no time to join my live classes but would still like to practice with me, join me online via ZOOM every Monday at 9:30 am CET. 

But don't worry, if you can't make them in real-time, you can join the block of 6 and get the replays for a full week so you can practice as much as you'd like. 

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Vibeke S.

“Wendy’s teaching is balanced, fun, relaxing, and physically expansive. I always finish her classes feeling invigorated, energized, and alive.  I am grateful for the insights and awareness I have gained through my practice with her and I am simply grateful. 

Nancy v.U.

“Wendy is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and compassionate instructor.  She has a very energizing and at the same time, calming presence. I love practicing with Wendy and highly recommend her classes to anyone at any level of practice.”

Claire C.

Classes with Wendy improved my physical well being and my state of mind. She always has a creative flow in her sequences keeping things fun and interesting. She is a wonderful teacher who shares from her heart and inspires from her soul.