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On Friday, January 27th to Sunday, January 29th, 2023



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for the Yoga Package


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Where the MAGIC happens

The weekend together will be a mixture of magical experiences, from high-vibe yoga to deep healing yin. You will experience Soma breath meditation as well as Soma yoga. And to get the party started we'll kick off the weekend with an ecstatic dance. It's all about feeling good! The cost for all this is €229 per person.

Two Room categories: Organic Room & Abenteur Room

Accommodated in the main house. Beautiful, bright & cozy rooms with great feel-good character await you. The Organic Room is €110 per person when shared OR €220 for a single person for both nights. The Abenteur Room is €100 per person when shared or €200 for a single person for both nights. 

Fresh Thai/Bavarian Soul Food

The food in the in-house Thai Bay restaurant is sensational vegetarian/vegan food. You will be spoiled with culinary delicacies from near and far. And for breakfast, you can expect delicious coffee & tea and a gigantic healthy, rich breakfast buffet. The cost of the food for the entire weekend is €99 per person.

The Emoji Spa

The EMOJI-SPA with stone basket sauna "Golden Heat", dry sauna "Dark Side of Life", relaxation areas "Flying Garden Lounge" and "Space Boxx", outdoor whirlpool "Bubble Basin" and the "Soul Sound Showers" invites you to relax, enjoy and leave your worries behind. The spa is included in the price. Treatments are extra - book in advance.

Here is what awaits you!

5 pm Welcome Circle & Vibrant Living Yoga for arrival
7 pm Dinner together
20.30 Ecstatic Dance with Soma Meditation

8.30 am Feel Good morning Vinyasa Flow & Meditation 
9 am Nourishing Breakfast Buffet
11 am Intro to Soma Breath 
1 pm Future Food Snack


Relax in the spa area... sauna, hot tub, or book (in advance) a massage, facial, or ayurveda treatment.  
Or just do nothing...

4 pm Breathwork, cold water exposure (optional), finish with a sauna
7 pm Dinner together
8.30 pm Yin Yoga & Meditation

8 am Feel Good Morning Yoga Flow
9.30 am Rich breakfast
11 am Walking Meditation & Forest Bathing
in the nearby beautiful "Love Valley"

12.00 pm Closing Circle
1.00 pm Future Food Snack

Departure approx. 1.30 pm

(Preliminary program subject to change)

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Make it a Gift to YOU!

It’s a winter wonderland weekend away! Grab your best girlfriend or partner, and join me in the beautiful Bavarian Forest near, 2 hours from Munich. Enjoy three days far away from everyday life, at the wonderfully unique 'Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle’.

With so many pleasures to recharge your batteries, tantalize your tastebuds, stimulate your body, mind & soul, and step into pure wellness! You will experience some high-vibe yoga, mouth-watering vegetarian/vegan food, self-love & pampering spa treatments (book ahead), ecstatic dance, healing saunas, and stimulating river swimming... the choice is yours!

You can also look forward to a really fantastic, colorful, and sustainable cuisine. And you can take the train directly to the Adventure Camp. The stop "Schnitzmühle" is only 50 meters away.
I'm looking forward to seeing you!

This is exactly what I need!


Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Wendy and I am so excited to share my passion for yoga, breathwork, cold exposure, and wellness with you. I truly believe that with the right tools, we can heal and transform ourselves... and we can start right now!

I am a yoga instructor (Vinyasa & Physio Flow, Gravity Yoga, Yin Yoga, Soma Yoga), Integrative breathwork therapist, Wim Hof Method Instructor, and holistic health & wellness coach. For me, yoga & breathwork are evolving and transformational practices. 

I was sent on a new journey last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer as I personally witnessed moving from illness to well-being using yoga, meditation, breathwork, and cold exposure.  Balancing self-care, simple living, and the importance of putting myself first were just some of the things that helped me heal.  I invite you to experience the magic on a weekend away like this, so you can feel vibrant, healthy, and strong... inside and out.

Before you come… here is everything once again summarized:


Date: Friday, 27.01.2023 - 5 p.m. until Sunday, 29.01.2023 - approx. 1.30 p.m.
Location: Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle, Bavarian Forest
Participants: Max. 15 participants

Costs for the yoga package: €229 (click the button on this page)

Accommodation costs: 

Adventure Room: 200€/room/2 nights - for 1 or 2 people
Organic Room: 220€/room/2 nights - for 1 or 2 people       ***Bring your best friend or partner and save!

Future Food Package:  Plant-based 99€/person

The booking of accommodation & meals is done separately directly through the Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle.

Please send them an email letting them know which room you prefer and specify "Yoga Retreat, Jan 2023 - with Wendy Heine".  Payment for both accommodations and food will be made at the end of the weekend.

EMAIL:  [email protected]

Your total cost = Yoga Package (€229) + Accomodation Cost (this will vary) + Future Food Package (€99)


I look so forward to seeing you here!



Any questions? I've got you covered. Contact me at:

[email protected] or

at +49 151 40 42 40 60


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